How to treat cystic acne on neck

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How to treat cystic acne on neck

There are many treatment methods for cystic acne. However, treating cystic acne on the face and treating cystic acne on the neck are totally different things. The skin on the neck is much more sensitive compared to the skin on your face. So, the skin of the neck will not react the same way. That is why you should not use the traditional methods for treating cystic acne. Otherwise you may damage the skin or make the situation even worse. Here are some tips that you can follow to cystic acne on neck.

1. A lot of scientists and dermatologists believe that cystic acne on neck is closely related to lactose intolerance. If you have any problem digesting dairy products like milk, cheese, cream or anything that has milk in them, you should try to avoid them for a while and see if the situation gets any better. If it does then you should limit the intake of dairy based products to treat cystic acne on neck.

2. Shaving is an integral part of any man’s life. The shaving technique can have a big impact on the outbreak of cystic acne on neck. You need to use good shaving foam or gel to soften the skin on your neck before you can shave. Moreover, you should always use a new and clean blade every time you shave as old blades can have bacteria on them. If that is not possible, dip the blade in antibiotic solution before using it to avoid outbreak of cystic acne on neck. It is better to avoid electric shaving equipment as they can be very rough on the skin and contains a lot of bacteria.

cystic acne on neck

3. The treatment method for cystic acne on neck must be very gentle. Never squeeze the zits on your neck or face because they might get infected and will leave a very nasty scar. Facial acne can be controlled to some extent by squeezing the head although it is advisable not to. However, if you do the same for cystic acne on neck, they will take a very long time to heal.

4. If you want to use over the counter drugs, make sure that you use something with low concentration. Cystic acne on neck responds well to salicylic acid. So, you can use creams or gels that have salicylic acid in them. However, make sure that the concentration level is not higher than 2.5%.

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