Vitamin D Deficiency and Acne

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Vitamin D Deficiency and Acne

Most women who suffer from cystic acne attacks also suffer from a thing called hormonal imbalance.  Though there are some other factors that may contribute to the development of acnes such as poor eating habits, heredity and chronic constipation, hormonal imbalance still remains at the top of all these known causes.

But often, we overlook the fact that there is a strong link between the issues of vitamin D deficiency and acne development.  How is vitamin D related to developing younger and healthier looking skin?  How are these two related?  To better understand the magic of Vitamin D, let us define this particular vitamin even deeper.  To start with, Vitamin D is a hormone in reality.  It was just called under the vitamins series as the discoverer thought it was a vitamin as it acts like a vitamin, but it’s not.  Vitamin D is in fact a hormone that is magically loaded with lots of different functions.  Vitamin D is one of the most vital hormones in one’s body since it aids in controlling various genes.  Since hormonal imbalance is the top cause for developing acne, and vitamin D is a hormone, then it is concluded that vitamin D deficiency could be one of the reasons for developing acne.  Although, not all cases of vitamin D deficiency lead to acne problems.

vitamin d deficiency and acne

Even if vitamin D deficiency is not the main culprit for developing acnes, having sufficient vitamin D in our body may help us cure acne and other skin problems as it makes out body healthier.  The best way to have sufficient Vitamin D is to have just enough sun exposure since sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D.  But be careful and make sure not to over expose yourself under the heat of the sun as it will get your skin even more damaged.  According to medical experts, getting exposed to the sun for like 10 minutes each day is already enough to sufficiently nourish our body with the right amount of vitamin D.  But people may already get sunburns and other skin related problems.  So before you expose yourself under the sun to get the said vitamin D needed, make sure to wear sunscreen protection like lotion or oil sprays.  Make sure that your sunscreen lotion is hypoallergenic to prevent further skin problems.

Aside from getting vitamin D from the sunrays, you may also choose to eat liver and drink plenty of milk.  These foods are the second best source of vitamin D.

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